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Oversword Dark V4.2 by oversword Oversword Dark V4.2 by oversword
Originally based on and built from BlueSpace II ([link]).

I think this makes a perfect glossy black theme that's sleek and powerful.
This theme, like most other dark themes, goes best with a vibrant and colourful background which makes everything stand out all the more.
If you want a copy of my background or backgrounds I've made like that one leave a comment, and if I get enough comments about it I may upload
them to gnome-look.
Hope you enjoy, feel free to post me ideas or changes you would like made to the theme as it is still a work in progress.
I used the code for the text boxes from this theme: ([link])

Note: The toolbar I'm using is a modified version of the one that comes with the theme, it is tailored to my screen size and needs which is why I didn't include it, if anybody wants a version don't hesitate to ask.

If you prefered an older version of the theme which has features that no longer exist I may be able to send you a legacy version.

I've started using my GTK 2x theme as my firefox theme so no link is required but i still think this one is quite good and suitable for the look.
Old Firefox Theme: ([link])

Icon Theme: ([link])

I've changed Emerald themes to a modified version of the emrald theme in this suite: ([link]). Although i'll still give credit to the old one too.
Old Emerald Theme: ([link])

(any themes I've not listed and you want leave a comment)

Now fixed the DeviantArt link and will only be supplying that link in the future. Once downloaded extract the .zip file and install the .tar.gz file as you usually would a theme.

Although the DeviantArt licencing doesn't allow it this work is GPL so it's free free free free free in every sense of the word (go for it)


A few minor changes to the progress bars and scrollbar ends.
Urm that's pretty much it.

Made some vast improvements to the shadows and frames
Changed the notebook_xXxX_flat.png images
Chnaged the slider things slightly
Although the changes are few they still make massive improvements to the theme.

Added a Metacity theme! (although i still recommend you use emerald)
cleaned up and changed the tool and menu bars

Changed the buttons completely
Added backgrounds for text boxes
Changed colour scheme slightly, now everything's even darker
Chnaged the progress bars.
Urrrm i think that's about it.

Massively changed the tabs
Chnaged the buttons
Chnaged the grip image
Chnaged the menu item image
Again this was a long time in progress and i may have forgoten some things

Chnaged app background image
Slightly changed tabs
This release was a long time in progress so i've kinda forgotten most of the things i changed
Ohh! Arrows, i changed the arrows again.

Changed toolbar items to higher contrast
Changed the inactive tabs
Changed the colour scheme again

Changed the arrows
Changed the colour of the scroll bars to a more electric blue
changed a default text colour to be blue
revised the tabs, now they look completely different
changed the menu panel to blend with the menu item
changed the menu items so they curve into the menu panel

Made the tabs rounded
slightly changed the toolbar
removed lines on menu panels
Added info on default themes
Got the preview to work

All new menu panel
Toolbars and menubars changed
Theme info changed to match my theme and not bluespace
Colour scheme added

Heightened contrast on menu panel
Same on toolbar.
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July 6, 2009
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